Pivot Table - Zero Counts?

Is there a way to include a count of records without an entry in a pivot table (or any of the chart options for that matter)?
For example:
I have clients assigned to employee X, Y, and Z. The pivot table can provide me with the number of clients assigned to each of these employees using our Assigned to field (multiple choice type) under Table Rows. I also want to include the count of clients without an employee name in the Assigned to field (i.e. still shows “Select” / Blank.

Hi, Keri!

Thank you for sharing your question!

I’m assuming you have your pivot table set up to where your Table Row, as you mentioned in your post, is set to the Employee connection field to display something like this example below:

There’s a way to accomplish this, however, it mostly likely will require you to configure your pivot table differently as it cannot be done with the assumed configuration I shared above. In order to best serve you here with the best solution, it would definitely help if our support team could take a look at your current build/setup to be able to share how you can do this within your Knack app. Please consider reaching out to our support team via the chat widget in the Builder or by submitting this form here. They will be most certainly happy to help you with this!

Have a great week! :slight_smile: