How to count unique values in an object's records?

I have a Knack object that records interactions with our clients. Each interaction is connected to a client record in a different object. Some clients only have 1 interaction with us, but others have many interactions over time.

I would like Knack to provide me with the information on both how many total interactions we had over a certain time period, but also how many unique clients we interacted with over that same time period. It’s easy enough to create a report that shows the total interactions, but I can’t figure out a way to count just how many unique clients we had during that same time period.

If I were doing this in Excel I’d use a COUNTIF statement or maybe just make a pivot table and simply count the rows.

Any suggestions on implementation in Knack?

Hello Rick,

Create a count column in the Client object (which counts the total interactions) within a certain period(30 days/year or something else) if there is a date field in the interactions oject. And also you can create another object which connects to all client records by default. So in that new object create 2 columns one is a count and the other is a Sum column.

Sunny Singla