Parsing Multi Line 'Textarea' Paragraph Data into Fields by line number


Paid work! Can anyone offer some consultancy / A Solution?

I am importing data (via a Zapier Action) from an external data feed using Knack. One of the field types I am importing is from a Data Matrix with Rows and Columns. It is being imported as a single text area field.

In knack terms each row is a field, and the selected column is the answer.

I need to do the following: the data looks like this:

Name: Fred


first Answer:

"row 1 = Column 1
Row 2 = Column 2
Row 3 = Column 3
Row 4 = Column 4"

Second Answer:

Third Answer:

Fourth Answer:

What I needs in the same data table is:

Name: Fred


First Answer: Row 1 = Column 1

Second Answer field: Row 2 = Column 2

Third answer: Row 3 = Column 3

Fourth answer: Row 4 = Column 4

So what I think I need, is the data currently coming in as multi line text field parsing into a Javascript Array and then parsing by element number into fields.... The solution should be applicable to any field source by field ID, and destination fields by field ID, such that the solution can be extended to any combination of fields where this condition arises.....

Can anyone help please?