Parsing long scientific names into individual fields

Knack folks,

I have about 3,000 scientific names in a table in our database where each record in that field contains the genus species and scientific naming authority for the organism.

I'd like to take something like this...

Scientific name = "Helicoverpa zea (Boddie)" 

And change it to this...

Genus = "Helicoverpa"

species = "zea"

Authority = "Boddie"


I can't find any kind of parsing function in the Text Formula field, so short of exporting my table from Knack and then using Excel to do the parsing, then uploading the .csv again, is there a workaround to this issue?


Much appreciated y'all!


Hello Brad,


There are 2 ways .


1. is using jquery (You can import records using jquery from front end instead of directly into knack builder)

2. Crate a  separate table contain four field one is Genus , species and Authority  and last is formula field Genus + species + (Authority) [Formulafld] and connect this table with main table .. and at time of exporting you select NewTable>Formulafld



Sunny Singla