Using Regex function

Hi, I need to parse a text string in Knack.  It is made up of several components each separated by a comma.  I want to extract each component and place each in it's separate text field.  I can do this now using a Left, right and Mid functions, but that limits me to how I structure the incoming text string since they all have to be the same format....and most of my records in my DB are not formatted this way.  I would rather use the comma as a delimiter.  Knack suggested using Regex but offered no help in understanding how to implement it.  

Anyone out there know a place I can learn how to do this??  I am not a coder, and the brief look at sites about Regex were not helpful...I don't even know what kind of Regex I it for Javascript?  That's how basic my lack of understanding is.  


Here is a sample incoming text script

In Person Personal Training (IPT), 8, 120, Web-1

and it needs to be parsed into 4 fields

In Person Personal Training (IPT)





The issue is really the first part...there are many different types of training, and each has a different character count.