Object (Entity / Table) Relationship Diagram in Knack

It would be a helpful feature to have an option to arrange the list of Objects to show the hierarchy of connections between them - and as noted below, this app already does just that: Knack. You can even drill down and see all the objects that each object is connected to - it’s a very powerful addition. Nice work Nir.

However, it would also be great if Knack could show the full Object Relationship diagram for each app in the native system. I appreciate that some users may find this challenging to understand at the outset, but being able to visualise the structure of an App makes it much easier to understand and visualise.

Could I go as far as to suggest that being able to edit the connections via such a visualisation could also be a really powerful feature?

(image credit Lucid Chart)

Have a look here Steve:

Its an app that provides exactly what you’re looking for. It shows relations between all app objects and fields, along with their structure, and also provides a graphical view of these connections.

Thanks Nir. That’s a really nice tool.

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I agree, this would be extremely useful

Having a diagram view is a really good way to see the larger picture of how your data is organized

It allows you to see all your tables(Objects) and fields along with the corresponding connections between tables and fields in different tables. It’s a good way to easily understand how the data is organized and connected and also allows you to also improve how your data is organized, reduce bulk, and clean up connections or make them more efficient.