NFC integration

I am starting to design a knack app that would capture interactions from NFC devices. Use case: management of building inspections... has anyone have an idea of where to start with Integrating NFC devices?

Here is another good add.

Use a URI shortening service (or install this on your own domain  with softaculous)

This way you can change where each NFC tag points to after the fact

So come up with a tag name standard that works for your application and encode the short uri on the NFC tag.

Then go to you URL shortening service control backend and add the record you want it to redirect to .

Gives you complete flexibility to what and where you want to point to e.g. a Google Doc with instructions on how to do maintenance and another to the record (side point check this out  )

This is something that I have been think of designing for a while.

Let's continue to share ideas on this



...sounds great if you get a little more time might be worth explaining a bit more for others here.


What NFC app are you planning on giving to your users to scan the NFC tag 

Good look with your app tks Noel

I already had an object with Record_id automatically added with an integromat scenario;

I also had a QR generated within the object for all records; The QR is a URL calling a specific page with the record id.

then  used NXP NFC215 tags bought from AMAZON. 

With a GoToTags writer I was able to capture the QR code and transform into a URL stored on the Tag.

I now have a way to scan a NFC tag, call Knack page and update or insert a record.

This is my prototype to implement a simple Round management module telling the user when the tags were scanned.

It's working on Iphone 7 and newer versions. no apps required on Iphone 11...

Thanks to Noel for his help on this thread.

See this also

So you use their basic app to update your knack database via Zapier

If you encoded your NFS tags with an url to a Knack app and then had a read like this 

Take a look at this thread

If you create some kind of URI like that that will update a record


You will need a NFC reader app such as or NFCReader or NFCActions or GoToTags (all IoS) when somebody use those apps to read a tag the tag directs them to a web site in this case your knack URI

If you figure this all out please post back here



Hard to see how a web app will interact with NFC reader on the phone ?