List or report of URLs


We have made real estate app and I want to send an email to an admin user with the page URL of every listing so we can create a QR code for that page.

Is there a way to list the page URL’s ?

The listing is created when a form is submitted.


Unfortunately, there is not a method to achieve this within Knack. Sitemap crawlers online won’t work either. If you use Chrome you can have the Admin visit each link in the app and click the QR code option in the browser address bar to generate a code.

Bit of a manual process, though.

It would be quite simple with Integromat- have it read all the records with no QR code, then append the record Id to the page url and create a QR code with the barcode module and save it back to Knack as an image.

Agree with @JulianKirkness - best option is to use Integromat to do this. If you’re familiar with creating scenarios it’s quite straight forward.

I thought I’d spend some time today to walk through the Integromat process. It can be adapted for many different types of applications. Creating a QR Code - YouTube


If you’re new to the world of Integromat, check out my getting started video too. This goes into more detail in regards to setting up the API connection to Knack: Getting Started with Integromat - YouTube

Using Integromat increases the awesome power of Knack :rocket:
I hope this helps with your query and simplifies the complex.