Barcode integration


I'm using Knack as a band instrument inventory system in a school setting. Our old (clunky, expensive, unattractive) system had the ability to scan two separate barcodes to check out an instrument to a student. This worked just like a library...Scan the student ID barcode and then scan the instrument's barcode, and it assigned the student to that specific instrument. I've got this all working correctly by manually typing into the app, but would really like to know if barcode integration is (or will be) possible with Knack?


Jon McLear

Hi Jon, 

I am also trying to create a similar application. 

I will handout a barcoded wristband to each person at the front office and as they move from one stall to another, I want to scan their barcode. As the person is scanned each time, I want it to record it in knack.

How do I manage to do this in knack? 

any help is appreciated. Thank you

Hi Jonathan,

I have a similar requirement for this.
Were you able to get this working in any way ?

Also would need barcode scanning as part of Knack! Mainly for inventory and invoice management


Have you gotten a response?  I'm also trying to integrate barcode to my db, but so far havent found a way.