Barcode Reader

Any ideas how I can get a knack field to read barcodes and record the text of the barcode? We currently take a photo of the barcode and then manually fill in a spreadsheet listing the text of the barcode. I am wanting to be able to capture the photo of the barcode (which is easy) and either scan the barcode image or scan the actual barcode and then the text is saved in a separate corresponding field.

Needs to be able to handle different types of barcodes and be easy to use.

Trying a couple of options at the moment but nothing I’m happy with. Just wondering if anyone has solved this. Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

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You can add a Barcode reader in your form and use it to read and set the value for your field.

This library seems capable:

Thank you for the response. It seems to work well with the barcodes I have.

I don’t have any JAVA knowledge, would I need to hire someone to program this into my Knack App or can the code just be inserted?