Barcode Scanner Integration and Auto Click Submit

Hello everyone, I have a database system with various fields for an online store. The issue is that we are trying to implement invoicing via barcode scanners.

Right now I have a bluetooth barcode scanner with an iPad set up with the direct view knack system.

The fields are (Quantity) (Item) then a Submit Button.

In a perfect world I wish I didn’t have Quantity and have to manually submit every time I scan 1 barcode.

I know some scanners offer an enter suffix which at most populates the (Item) Field. Does anyone have workarounds or experience in scanning system similiar to a self checkout at a store?

Romel, do you have a Knack form setup for this? I’m not familiar with what the direct view knack system is. If it is a form, do you have two input fields; Quantity, Item and then a Submit button? Or, are you doing this another way?

Hi romel

I would suggest looking at KTL.

@NormandDefayette_CortexRD is very responsive should you need help.


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Hi @Romel,

Yes, Craig is right. The KTL handles this very well and can even do more. You can have a combination of pre-defined field data along with user input, and even auto-submit after a specific delay.

You can try a demo here: Knack

To see the QR code page, click on Home, enter the pre-defined log-in email and password and go to the Auto Fill and Submit QR Generator menu.

Let me know if that sounds interesting.