Next Update?

When can we expect the next product update? The last one was over a year ago (March 10th, 2020)

Hi Cheyenne - Thanks for checking in! We're in the process of changing the way we make product announcements, and the Product Update posts in the forum have not been used as you noticed, for over a year. 

We've been posting here: (there have been a few additional releases since the last post there on May 1), and bug fixes can be found here:

Soon we'll be posting everything in the forum again so you can subscribe for alerts to new posts (that will include product updates and feature releases). 

Hope that helps!

Just a quick update here, since we’ve moved to the new forum as of August 5, 2021.

To stay informed on product updates, please follow along over in: Announcements - Knack Community Forum

You can choose what method of subscribing you would like here:

We’ll continue to update these pages as well:

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