Need an object design for a table checklist

Hi, I’m new to Knack and this is my first post.

The following is a table in MS Word and I am trying to work out how to set it up in Knack to collect data:


I think I need to prefill the displayed Details and Form data but I’m not sure.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


Hi @Nick4 - Welcome to the forum and Knack.
Question - are you a relational database builder?

I’m not sure what you MS Word table is showing me and the relationship between your Details and Forms columns.

Can you provide some more information.

Hi Carl

Thanks for your response.

Yes I am a relational db builder with many years of MS Access apps on my books therefore I’m translating that knowledge into Knack lingo.

The columns headings are easy of course but I need to record answers against each of the points listed in the Details and Forms columns. In other words, it’s a checklist.

Does that make sense?


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A fellow MS Access developer. :partying_face:
I too have over 20 years of Access building behind me, no going back since I found Knack in 2017, although I am still supporting one client on Access today.

IF it’s a checklist are you trying to create the related child line items when the parent subjects are created?
I’m not clear on what the workflow is. Happy to jump on Zoom so you can walk me through it.

Hey yeah!

Thank you!! Been on a minor Christmas rush the last few days but emailed now :slight_smile:

Emailed now to confirm and send Zoom link.

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