Need some help from community as Knack support is not helping me at all


I used Knack to create an app for my Law Firm. The proposal of the app is to register all information regarding our lawsuits. In order for this information be completed, I need to use two different kind of objects from Knack: lists and tables.

The structure for each lawsuit I created is here:

As you can see, basic info of the lawsuit is recorded in a list object and its events, complains/requests and payments are recorded in separate tables.

This works perfect for my proposal. However, the problem appear when I need to create a report for my clients. I need the system to understand that all this structure (list and tables) must be together and should be printed linked to each other.

The problem is that when I create a report with all the lawsuits I wanna print, knack system dont maintain the structure I create for each lawsuit and group all the events of all the lawsuits in one simple table. Take a look here:

So, I was wondering if someone have an idea of how can I create a report keeping this structure

for all the lawsuit in this report or maybe create a simple button that let me create this report and print it.

I think this would help a lot of people in the future. This kind of structure was used in this demo so I was wondering how can people print all the project at once in this kind of example. That's what Im looking to do with my app, otherwise, knack is not good for my proposal

There's a lot of data there, and perhaps it's as simple as using List views for the child/connected data instead of tables?

Hi Moe,

The button works for a single lawsuit, but what I'm trying to do create is a page or print solution in order to print all the lawsuits together.

Will send you an email now.


This might seem silly, but what about adding a print button to the page?

Otherwise you won't be able to do this without using the API I think. Its a bit complicated but you can email me and I can try and help you with it.

Forgot to add the screens.

First link:

Second link: