Multiple choice options in multiple languages

Hi all,

While I'm not trying to do a multilingual form yet (but I would love that feature support), I do need handle a few database entries that are in French. I don't mind having my labels remain in English, and simply have french text below, but where it breaks down are a few records that are categories.

Here's the basic setup:

- Main Table called 'Organization'.

- Each organization can select one or more applicable 'categories' using a checkbox.

I thought perhaps I could have English Categories and French Categories, and then create a new field "Categories in Home Language" that would display either the French Categories of the English Categories based on a 'RecordLanguage' field. Unfortunately I couldn't seem to find a way to do a text equation that would select a field using an IF statement.

Alternatively, I thought I could create a new table, "Categories" and have two fields in that "English" and "French". I created a connected field in Organizations that linked to Categories.English. I then tried to create a corresponding field in Organizations that would display the 'Categories.French' based on what was selected in English, unfortunately the text equation wouldn't allow me to link to that connected field, perhaps because it's a many to many relationship? I was hoping it would simply give me all the corresponding categories from the french record that link to the selected english ones.

Does that make sense to anyone, and does anyone have any suggestions? Much appreciated.

i am wondering if the following would work... you create a field LANGUAGE in the Org object to store the language (English or French) of categories to use for that org. in the Categories object you have for each category two fields, one for the English value and one for the French value. in a table view of the Orgs you can retrieve any field from the connected Categories object. you could use a formula (with a ternary operator ie IF statement) to display the corresponding category name.