Category>SubCategory Help!

Hi folks - first post, really new at all this so please be kind! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to build an equipment database for our fire station. We need to be able to assign equipment to a category, then have a list of subcategories based on which category the user selects.

For example:

> Mobile Radios
>Portable Radios


I’ve built an object (table) with the categories and figured out how to connect it to the main table. It generates the categories just fine, but I can’t figure out how to get the subcategories to appear based on the category chosen.

My category table has two fields, the category name and the subcategory name:

It shows multiple iterations of the category in the main table, but doesn’t show the subcategory options:

I’ve tried searching the KB and this forum without success. If the answer to my question is posted elseshere, I’d appreciate pointing me to it. Otherwise, any assistance is more than welcome. I’m a firefighter not an IT professional, so treat me like I’m in 5th grade! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Russell

Hey Russell and welcome!

The functionality I think you’re after is two dropdown boxes, the second filtered based on the first selection - to acheive that there’s guidance here Use Connections in Your App - Knack Knowledge Base

To make it work:

  1. Create two tables - Category & Subcategory
  2. Subcategory is connected to Category with each Subcategory linked to one Category
  3. Then in your form, add the Subcategory field and set the ‘Show’ option to ‘Subcategories connected to this forms Categories’.

Sing out if needed.