Is Knack always super slow?

Hi - just started a trial today. I've made two objects, Categories (one field) and Subcategories (two fields, one links to Categories) and one page which has an input form for Subcategories with an option to add a Category from the drop-down list. The page also has a table with a list of categories and a list of each sub-category for that category. When I add a new Sub-category it takes up to 20 seconds to input. Also, if I've just added a category it comes up in the table, but I have to refresh the page to see the associated subcategories.

Obviously this is not workable. I don't believe it's on my end as I'm getting @150Mbs download.


Hi, the condition you've described is something we encounter weekly at this point. It is quite frustrating when it occurs. The only options appear to be: reach support with the issue, wait for them to investigate, they will likely migrate your app to another less congested server. service is restored UNTIL this occurs again. I've been reporting these slowdowns to support in the hopes they have ready this tool for enterprise deployments.