I'm looking for a workaround to using some If/Else logic, and I'm not sure if it's possible.

I'm creating a database for a consortium of 24 communities. Anyone who is currently living in, or was originally from (regardless of where they currently live), one of the 24 communities can participate in the DB.

I have a form with these two questions:

  1. Which community are you originally from?
  2. Which community do you currently live in?

Both contain the same drop-down list of 24 communities, plus "None of the above". (It's impossible to ever respond "None of the above" to BOTH questions.)

I'm displaying separate tables for each community. Currently, if someone is *from* Community A, but *lives* in Community B, they will appear in two tables, essentially being counted twice.

I would like to know if this is possible:

Populate a third field called "Community":

  • If answer to Q2 above is not "None of the above" use the answer from Q2.
  • If answer to Q2 is "None of the above", use the answer from Q1.

I originally thought I could do this via Text Formula, but the Functions seem quite limited. Unless I'm missing a more advanced reference than what is on this page:


Thank you so much for your help!

Yes, actually, that ended up being the solution. I had tried that, but couldn't get it working the way I needed it to, but it turns out I wasn't using the conditions correctly. I also hadn't realized the order of the questions in the Builder can affect how it works. But it's all working now, thanks!

Can you just use Conditional Expressions on Community field?

Sounds like it should be pretty straightforward, unless I'm misreading something. Lots of options for Is or Is Not.