New user help required please

This is driving me mad!! This should be so simple, and I have followed the support email to the letter, time and time again, but somehow it’s not working, so I think I am missing something so very fundamental. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am just trying to set up a simple tax addition box via a yes/no decision box.

Field 1 - Amount (currency)

Field 2 Add Tax? Yes No

Field 3 Tax Calc (Equation). {Amount}*1.20

Field 4 - Total (Currency)

two conditionals on Total Field

Condition 1 - If Add tax is yes Custom Value, Set to Field Value - Tax Calc
Condition 2 - If Add tax is no Custom Valuem Set to Field Value - Amount

The no works, but when I select yes it just inserts 0.00 in the records, even though the tax calc is correct (and showing so)

Any help greatly appreciated, I have spent ten hours trying to figure this out today! :frowning:

Hi @chris.belcher - I have replied to you on email with an example of what I think you are trying to achieve.

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Thanks for your help in solving this issue Carl. Still not sure how to mark this post as solved though!

Can anyone please advise?


@Les - how does Chris mark his post as solved :+1:

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Hi Carl and @chris.belcher

First and foremost, welcome to the community, Chris! If you would like Chris, you can edit your original post and share that you have found a solution if you no longer want to see replies to your original post.

Usually, there is an option to mark a reply to a topic as a solution for future thread readers to see, but for this thread there’s no public solution to mark.

Have a great week!

Edit: I overlooked mentioning that in the “Knack Community” category, there isn’t an option to designate a reply as a solution. This category is designed for general discussions. If you have additional queries or are seeking solutions in the future, please consider referring to the Help Center or the API & Customization category. Your contributions and questions are always welcome, and we’re here to assist you in finding the information and solutions you need. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Les

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