Multiple Chained Connections in Knack


Is there any way to access values across multiple, chained connections in Knack as you would in a SQL query?

Example: Suppose I have Objects: A, B, C.

Object A contains a Number: A_Value.

Object B contains an Equation: B_Equation. And B has M:1 connection with A (B connects with one A, A connects with many Bs).

Object C contains an Equation: C_Equation. And C has 1:1 connection with B.

Currently, B_Equation can access A_Value through the connection, but C_Equation cannot access A_Value. Now, I haven't written SQL queries recently, but I'm pretty sure that a SQL query could chain from C to B to A.

Of course, I could include a direct connection from C to A, but this seems like storing redundant data and could be confusing for end-users.



Thank you both for the responses!

I wanted to make sure I was not missing some obvious functionality =)

Thanks for the suggestion 21576924468

Agree with 383433730112, this functionality should be added beyond views.



Is one of the great mysteries of Knack. The functionality exists, since the builder allows us to display chained records and (Records Further Connected) in the views. But it does not allow us to work with them in the equations, in the form rules, show those fields in tables, insert them in emails, etc.

The knack team are doing a great job with the new Builder, but I also believe that creating this type of functionality is a priority. And at the moment in the beta it seems that all these shortcomings are still pending.

I feel your pain. Yes in SQL you could easily "select from where (select from ...)".

I have a similar problem. Registration records related to member records. And member records related to a cash account. Now a registration update should support an update to the cash account. But I can't. The registration record can't "see" the cash account. It can only see the member record. So, the resulting solutions is lots of relations between all sorts of records and absolutely no referential consistency or enforcement. (no support for cascading deletes, ...)

However, the lookup case might be possible. You can cascade lookups using equation fields - but even then you're limited to the queries provided by Knack. So, in my case, a member field can contain the SUM() of the cash account. And a registration record can reference that member.sum field. This way my registration record can "see" the cash account.