Moving child pages around

Hi guys,

I’d like to make a feature request to select where to move child pages, as right now deleting other parent references (links) is the only way.


Hi @MichaelG Thanks, I would also like this capability, so have voted.

I also have a follow on question;
I have seen this comment a few times now: “right now deleting other parent references (links) is the only way.”

However I can’t find a way to do this. To me it seems that when a parent has a child connected in any way doing anything to delete the link will delete all child pages. Is there a way I am just not seeing?

Here is an example: I created an app for a client, and the goal was to have a portal for business manager, for staff, for clients, etc, so I built the structure with a top level page for business managers to start with, with the view to adding other ‘menu’ pages (start pages) later.

Screenshot of structure below

However now we have no need for any other start pages other than the business manager ones, and we would like to move all the pages up one level, to be start pages, so they can appear in a page menu, without recreating them all (there are a lot).

However I can’t find a way to do this. Trying to ‘delete parent references’ does not work if I delete anything on the parent page in the tab menu of sub pages they all get deleted !

Any suggestions on how to do this (delete references to parent page)

Hi @Calvin_B , I think I have a case like that in my App.

The trick is to leave the first level page blank with only the menu.
And select the Auto Link to Navigate to the first link automatically.

Hope it answered the question.

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Thanks @MichaelG . Yes I can see how that would put you into the first page, but I also wanted to use the built in “Menu items” to have a top page menu (ie not just links at the top of a page).
Are you able to do that with your items of Actions, Add action, etc? have them in the page menu?

ie under Settings >> Live App >> “Header & Page menu” >> Page menu

I think to do this I need to make them “start pages” somehow and I can’t find a way to move them (your original request) or have them made into start pages. I think they need to be at the top level or just have a login page ahead of them. Hopefully there is a workaround or I have a day of pages to remake at the root level !!

I think you mean a Dropdown Menu. I do not use it yet in my App.


Well, so yes, you would have to move all those level 2 pages to level1.

The easiest way I think about is copying your Business Manager arborescence, delete the n-2 pages you don’t need, and copy the views of the n-2 page to the Biz Mger Portal page.

wash, rinse, repeat for each page…
Than you can create a Dropdown Menu to group them.

hope it helps.

ps: you made me discover the new Header & Page Menu modern design. Lot of new options. Great!

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I wasn’t really referring to dropdown menus, I use those they are great for grouping a whole heap of admin type pages that don’t need to be on the top menu.

However I totally forgot about copying views, :upside_down_face: doh!. That is copying or moving the views one at at time to new level 1 pages. I will try that. That should allow me to make this happen quicker. Thanks for the brain prompt! :+1:

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