Convert a child page into a parent page

Hi all,

I’ve been helping develop an application with another developer. This other developer originally built the app, and i’ve been added to the application as a shared user. He made most of the page layout, but by now it’s becoming quite cluttered so I want to change the page layout. Unfortunately the original layout consists of a couple dropdown menu’s with the bulk of the pages being child pages.
Now that i want to alter the menu layout, I can’t seem to figure out how to convert child pages into parent pages.
copying these pages also doesn’t work, because i can’t get them out of their original dropdown menu

Is it possible to convert child pages into parent pages? Otherwise I’ll be forced to copy all pages by hand.


NB. In the learning center I saw it is possible to add parent pages into a new dropdown menu, given that the parent pages exist. In my case there are no parent pages, only child pages.

In the learn center ‘working with pages’ page, it notes:

Child Page: A page which is linked to by another page. It can never be a standalone page

Hello! what I would do is to copy each section to a new blank page.