How to rearrange pages?

This app is a basic task manager or “to do” app. Main table is Tasks, and task records can have connected notes. Most of the time the notes will be created and edited right on an Edit Task form (below the task fields). But I want users to be able to see all notes.

So I’ve got several layouts for notes. There’s a tabs menu at the top of all the pages that includes a tab for Notes. That tab takes users to a Notes Menu page shown in the first screenshot below. That page has nothing but a link to the Notes Table. I want to get rid of the Notes menu page which is (for this app) pointless.

How do I do this? I seem to have done this already with Tasks: I don’t have this problem with Tasks. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how I got rid of that pointless menu page that just has a button to the Tasks Table page.


The Notes Menu page (which I want to remove):


Notes Table page (which is where I want to go directly):

You have to copy or move the view or views from the Note Table page to the Notes Menu page. Then you can delete the Notes Table (so-called “Menu”) button, which will also delete those child pages. You can then rename the Notes menu page to Notes Table. When you copy or move a view, any child dependencies are likewise copied or moved. Hard to explain but fairly straightforward once you get the hang of it.

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That’s it!! I kept looking for a way to move the entire PAGE instead of the VIEW. Got it now (I hope). Pasting new and much-improved screenshot below, for comparison.