Delete button on menu link is confusing

I was trying to delete a menu link and I was warned with this message


However, reading the guide at this link:

I understood that deleting a menu button doesn’t always result in the removal of associated pages, if linked from a different parent one, which was my case.

I believe the warning message should give different messages when such situation arises instead of always warning you about the “guaranteed” page removal.

Am I correct?

Thank you

Hi @Lorenzo - thank you for bringing this up, and yes it is confusing.

To reiterate what you already explained, - the scenario here is that you could have a setup where two parent views link to the same details page. Deleting the link to that details page from the original parent would simply move the child page under the remaining parent view.

We’re working on improving error and warning handling throughout the builder, so I’m going to turn this into a feature request to improve this particular one as well to either:
A) make it more dynamic if possible, to only warn if there is no other parent view to “adopt” the child page
B) update the language to explain that if the child page is not linked to from another parent, it will be deleted

Please feel free to add any further feedback or questions!