Menu Item Deletion

I recently added a menu item and inadvertently linked it to the the wrong existing page. When I went to delete the item I was warned that page would be deleted. That was quite alarming since it was a key page in the app. The ripple effect would have been devastating. When I asked support how to handle the error I was told to hide the menu and recreate a valid one. Although that could work it certainly could leave behind UI and logic artifacts in the app that might impact performance.
However when I read Help for Menus I discovered the warning was not accurate. If the linked page is linked to by another component that component becomes the page’s parent and is left intact. I assume the system can check whether other components are linked to a page before displaying the Delete Warning. Please change the DELETION WARNING to reflect the different ways a Menu Item deletion is handled. The stress the current method caused is much to high and it took quite a bit of time to copy our app and test the veracity of the Help note before I felt safe correcting my easy to make error in Production.


Yes, this can be stressful if you have linked to an existing section and then delete the link it will often say it’s going to delete the whole page structure, when in fact you’re simply deleting the linked option. @Kara