Move Records Between Tables

Does anyone know how I would move a record from one table to another table? Here’s a scenario from my church for whom I am building this database and would like them to be able to submit prayer requests.

  1. Someone submits a prayer request and it goes into a table labeled “Prayer Request Verification”.
  2. An Admin than reviews the request and clicks a submit button and moves the request from the “Prayer Request Verification” table, to the “Prayer request” table which is an identical table but it is the table that is viewable by our congregation.

This is done so that prayer requests can be submitted by anyone but will not be posted until approved by the admin staff.

Thank you,
Pastor Dick Bickings


You can achieve this goal without moving records between tables. Here’s one approach you can use.

  1. The Prayer Requests table has a field called “Approval Status” with options Pending, Approved, and Not Approved.
  2. When someone submits a prayer request, the approval status is Pending.
  3. The admin reviews the pending requests and sets the approval status to Approved or Not Approved.
  4. The Prayer Request table that is viewable to the congregation shows only Prayers with an approval status of Approved.
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Completely agree with my good friend Ian @KnackPros :+1:
He beat me to this one as I was asleep being a few hours behind in the U.K. :uk:
Using a “status” field and filtering the views using the data source is the best solution.
There is no need to have two identical tables showing the same data but just at a different point in the workflow.

Perfect, that makes great sense, thanks so much!

Hey @Richard7 - Thanks for your question, it inspired me to dig into it further and produce the below video. Workflow is a key strength with Knack and the video not only ilustrates this but also the power of rules.
I appreciate this is probably overkill to answer your question, and I didn’t intend for it to unfold into a 20+ minute video, however, hopefully the detail will help others that are starting their Knack journey. :rocket:

Workflow Status - Knack Database


Thanks so much Carl, this was exactly what I was looking for, can’t wait to try it out.
Pastor Dick Bickings

This works perfectly Carl, I implemented it in several places in the database, thanks so much, you are a real blessing.
Pastor Dick Bickings


I’m pleased that this helped you and brought the process to life more fully.
Hopefully this will help other members of the community too :+1: