Approve record updates before displaying

Hi all,

Has anyone used Knack to approve record updates?

For example:

 - A record has been created and is approved 

 - A team member updates a record

 - The old record stays visible, until the the admin approves 

I've seen the new record approval guide as well as creating a version history guide.


If someone has already thought this through or is doing it, would love to know your approach.

I have an exiting object with about 350 records.  I understand the process of adding a new record, but am unclear about how we can present an existing record for update.

Thank you!

I think below process can solve your problem .


1. Create two Object with same structure (Primary and Secondary ) (Primary is connected to Secondary )

2. Always create a record in Primary with Status Inactive.

3. When Someone Activate record then create a record in Secondary (Using form rule) .

4. Again When changes happen then we can change anything in Secondary and change it status to 'Pending Approval' (So Record in Primary remain same).

5. And show all records with Status ('Pending Approval') when someone approved it then update everything from Secondary to Primary back .

Hope this helps 



Sunny Singla