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Wondering if anyone else has a solution to this problem.
We have various objects that have an approval process. Some of these are a few screen into the menu (e.g., Customer > Vehicles > Individual Vehicle).

We do send an approval request to our internal team, but so nothing gets missed, I’d like a way to present how many records there are of particular objects with a status of Pending Approval.

Since these records can be from multiple objects (e.g., Customers, Vehicles, Services, etc.) tables look messy as some tables are just blank.

Is there someway to have a simple tile or card that shows the number of records that satisfy the criteria without making the page too busy?

Would a floating window like the one I’ve attached make sense? You can write a JS function to query the necessary views and display the information if it’s present…!

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Have you thought about using the pivot table in the report section of add view.
In the pivot Calculations use The total record count

image 1

then you can add your criteria for the calculation. In your case you can choose if the status is pending approval. If you have more than one table, you can add more than one pivot table.

image 2

Then you can check exclude the empty group in the options sections.

Hi Luke,

Yes, this is possible using some formula fields. and one extra object. With some javascript and css to show count in card like below

Sunny Singla

I’m assuming my college @JulianKirkness wont mind me referencing his article for cards.

@CarlHolmes - thanks for the signpost!

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The Dashboard Cards referenced above works well

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Thanks all. I’ll be looking to test some of these over the weekend. Have a great week all, and thanks for the contribution.

Nice dashboard cards @DeanBozzan62116 :+1:

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Hi Julian,
When you created the text formula, did you create a new object and link that object to the other records, or did you just add the text formula to the original object?
Thanks for the help all.

Hi @Luke1 - the text formula is in the original object :white_check_mark:

As @CarlHolmes said!

Sorry Carl and Julian,
I don’t understand where to count the fields though. I want to create a count of filtered data (which I can do from a connected object), but not from the original object itself. If I try to add a count field (which I was then going to reference in the text formula field) to the same object, it doesn’t let me count itself.



in your table your create a new field type Sum


at the bottom of the new field you can choose your formula filtered


@Luke1 - as you stated, you can’t sum records in its own table. It’s always a sum of related (connected) line items. You may need to create another connected table just to use for summing the values for your cards.