Dashboard for outstanding tasks


We're currently creating a portal, and I'd like to have a dashboard type area, that displays outstanding tasks. This way, when a user logs in, they have an immediate overview of the required tasks for the day.


Invoices requiring approval:  5

Opportunities needing action: 1

Sales to Prepare: 0


But I'd like these to be clickable, so that when you click on the item, it takes you through to a table with these items shown.

Is there any functionality to do this?

Hi Julia,

I tried the Pivot table, but I'm try to show how many "Pending" user accounts there are for different User Roles.  It won't let me filter on the user roles though.

Do you know how to do this for roles?

E.g. Pending User accounts:

- Operations: 5

- Finance: 2

- Etc.




Thanks Julia,

I'll give it a crack.  I'm new to Knack, but already loving the features!

Knack's pivot table report should give you what you want. It works similar to excel's pivot tables.

Good luck!