Make record updates "Pending" till approved

I have created a client portal that shows the info we hold such as contact info; I have added an edit form so that the client can update this themselves, but would like to put these updates on hold till we have had a chance to double check (in case of any rogue staff updating where they shouldn’t, for example!)

I have set up an email trigger on the submit button to alert a member of our staff that changes have been made, but how can I put the update on hold till its been approved?

I’m vaguely thinking of a “dummy” set of fields in the same table that the client would fill in, which would then update the “real” fields using a conditional rule once the record is marked as checked… but I think this might create a loop?

Also, is there a way to retain the original details for a period of time after the update?

Any thoughts or suggestions please?

Many thanks

I think you have the right idea. But don’t use a page rule. Use an action button or link. You could put in on a detail form - I don’t think Knack allows you to put an action button on an edit form.

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Thanks @PeterJurgen - I will play around with it and let you know how I get on! :slightly_smiling_face: