Linking one to many

Hi all, Please excuse I am having one of those “I’m sure I ahve done it but for the life of me can’t recall how” days.
Okay scenario
We have a soldiers file with records containing a SURNAME AND SERVICE NO making unique identifiers by which all externally stored images and items are keyed. (FILE NAME = SOLDIER)
We can have none, 1 or many documents or photos which we wish to link to the soldier. Because it needs to be able to grow it has to be a second file and will contain a combined SURNAME-SERVICE NO key as well as an auto-incrementing number, image and description. (FILE NAME = MEDIA)
I have made a connection from MEDIA to SOLDIER on a basis of

OKAY so in the SOLDIER input screen I want to be able to nominate those items which have been created in the MEDIA FILE.

Note that whilst the MEDIA file contains images they are external url links to ONEDRIVE records

However when I create a dropdown box it brings in all the available MEDIA records rather than just the ones for this SOLDIER.

I want the dropdown to show only those items that are relevant to the SOLDIER

I know there is an option to nominate what should be shown but for some reason apart from all the other options refer to the file and the current job role (media CONNECTED TO THE logged-in Researcher > SOLDIER).
That statement of being tied to the current researcher doesn;t quite make sense and I have no idea how or why it has been added.

So where have I gone wrong any clues ? Thanks in advance

Hi Ray - thanks for reaching out here for help!

The recommendation for how to set up your connections will be based on how you plan on having your end users interact with that data. From our knowledge base article:

With a one-to-many type of connection, we add the connection to the child object. The reason for this is better workflow options, visual presentation, and data management in your apps. For an example, see the “Which Object to Add Your Connection To” section of this article.

So I would personally try to add the connection field on the Media object, to the Solider object. The dialogue will look like:

  • each Media connects with one Soldier
  • each Soldier connects with many Media

If you’d like to have some workflow where you only show certain Media records for each Soldier, you could add a multiple choice field, with options like “new, nominated, archived”. Then when you are displaying Media records connected to the Soldier in your page view, you can filter by “nominated”.

Hope that helps!

Hey @RayWindlow47079 - if you are still unclear I’d be happy to connect and see if I can help :blush:

Thanks I seem to have resolved the issue by nominating the option that sounded strange
Media files connected to the logged in Researcher > Soldiers
That works and brings only those files relevant to the urrent Soldier record.
Stgill a bit confusing invoking the term logged in Researcher really not sure where the heck that came into the equation
Its in a test phase though so if it fails when I get others to have a trial I’ll get back to you if I may