Display connected image in a view when the relationship is one to many

Right now, it is possible to include connected data fields in a view (table, list, etc), but only if the relationship is one to one.

It would be nice to be able to display a connected field even if the relationship is one to many.

Scenario: I am creating a product catalog, and each product can have multiple images connected. But I want to be able to choose a specific photo based on some criteria (a flag like “representative / primary / poster” image, or a user-set display order) and have that single image display. There would be a way to draw from that pool of images to include on listings of products.

Even if there was a way to include multiple in the list/table field and choose the number to return and how they are sorted, that would work too.

Right now, the only way to achieve this end-user experience is to have to upload the image in two places - in the product table, and in the images table. This makes it difficult if the content manager wants to change the representative image or choose a different image to represent.