Issue with Connection Field on Forms

Today, we started to experience an issue with a required connection field on a form. The dropdown for the ‘Deliver To’ field is now blank so customers cannot select from the list and thus cannot submit any delivery orders. It is occurring on the create new record form as well as the edit form.

It is not an issue that we caused. The system has been operational for several months and no changes have been made to the system. Also what is curious is that I’ve saved off 8 copies of the app since August 25th. No users experienced an issue until today but now all 8 archived copies of the app are now having the same issue.

I’m not a Knack expert but it seems to me that it’s a database indexing issue. I’ve submitted a bug to Knack but I’m not confident that they will rectify this issue quickly. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Connection Field is blank 091422

One of our clients experienced this issue yesterday too. Early this morning it appears that Knack made an update and the issue is now resolved.

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Thanks for the heads up. They had provided me with a workaround so that our customer portal was back online while they fixed it. Wednesday’s deployment that caused the issue also caused our pagination custom code to stop working. Knack said that the deployment didn’t impact any custom API code but I beg to differ since it is now working again. Is there somewhere to see when Knack makes deployments and what is included in them?

Yes. These are the two I’m aware of:

  1. Release History
  2. Changelog

I’ve noticed some updates aren’t mentioned though.

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