Form's not submitting (stuck on spinner)

Hi all,

I’m having trouble with forms not submitting. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Does anyone know how to investigate what’s making forms get stuck?

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It’s likely due to server capacity. It’s possible that your application is sitting on a server that has got high demand so your record updates are being queued.
I’d recommend sending an email to and they will investigate.
Obviously I don’t know this for sure but I’ve had similar and this was the reason.

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Ditto to what Carl said. I have contacted Knack about this in the past, and they switch servers which seems to fix the problem, however I have noticed after some time the issue seems to get worse again.

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I’ve seen posts here voicing complaints similar or identical to the OP’s, and seen answers similar to yours, Carl. How common or serious is this problem? I am about to commit to Knack for a new project but it makes me nervous to see reports that users are not able to create new records (or do other actions in their database) because of server issues.


Hi @WilliamPorter - I’m my experience the issue is rare. I have many apps that have never moved servers. My largest client app with over 500 users has been working as expected since 2017.
I can only think of two occasions where I have requested an app to be moved to another server in the last five years. With the new performance environment coming soon, this should hopefully become even less.
My understanding is that the current back end is changing. There’s is a massive uplift is backend speed for record updates, creation and editing.


Thanks so much for the extra info, Carl!

We have the same issue occasionally occurring in our apps. We have noticed that this type of problem occurs more frequently when we have insert record connected rules.

Carl, we were interested: “With the new performance environment coming soon…”. Where can we get more information about this? :thinking:

Not sure there is any published info as this is a back end update. As a partner I’m aware that the new environment is being used by all new users in the US. It’s being used widely in the US and under final testing before being rolled out further afield.
The performance improvements relates to record creation and updates.
For instance, if you wanted to update 1000 records currently, it could take several minutes. Especially if it is a connected field.
Where now its just seconds. This improvement helps decrease the time each request takes and therefore how long any particular request may have to queue to be actioned.
Often, (this is my understanding) the issue behind a form taking longer to submit can be it having to wait to access the server and in a queue of other updates from other users.
As you aware, often adding or updating a record has a cascade effect with related records, text formulas and equations which all have to be updated.

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We are in Brazil Carl, but we are looking forward to this new environment being released to other Knack users in a stable version.
Thanks Carl.

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@CarlHolmes We’ve migrated the app to a new server and have exactly the same problem. Forms just sit and spin and spin and spin. Do you know if there’s anything else that could be causing it? Our client is getting a little frustrated.

Do you have any record rules on the form that are running?
I’ve not been experiencing any longer than usual issues with form submissions.
Recommend reaching out to Knack support on this one if there is nothing on the form rules that would be causing it.