Is is possible to have products with multiple variations? Like t shirts with various sizes

I'm trying to create a work order database to organize my clients and their orders. I am a t shirt printer and so when I input data I want to be able to select what product they want and how many of each size in that product.

Example: Client 1 wants T shirt A: 6 smalls, 10, mediums, 5 Larges. Client 2 wants T shirt B: 4 smalls, 5 mediums, 10 larges, 4 extra larges.

Can knack handle a scenario like this?

Hello Zaid,


This is Just show single Client data. 

In main table Admin select client and See it's order detail. 





Hi Sunny.  Where does the Client1, Client2 go? 

Helo J ,


I think No directly but little customisation we can achieve this like below screen shot 



Sunny Singla


I think yes.  Create a records / table that looks like this.  You don't really need one, but the order number can be an auto increment number field which can be used to sequence orders based on when they come in.  


Order Num     Client Name         Small      Medium       Large ........

      10               Client1                       2             10              6  .......

      12               Client2                      3               8               7  .......



Hope this helps.