Filtering Data Help

Hello everyone!

I am new to Knack and really loving all the customization.

I am using Knack for my machine shop business to add and track jobs.

The area I am having the issue with is adding different machining processes to each job.

I originally had a multiple select drop down menu to select all the processes involved.

I moved away from this because I am using the data to auto populate an Adobe PDF using WebMerge.

Perhaps I can program adobe to enter each process onto a different line, but I wasn't able to figure that out.

So I decided to add 10 separate drop downs to select each process on my form (see image below).

This allows me to populate my form great, but I am having all sorts of issues filtering my data this way.

The issue is the values are always changing in each field for the processes.

For instance, Job 1 requires Waterjet Cutting, CNC Milling, and Deburring.

So I select [Process 1] " Waterjet Cutting" [Process 2] "CNC Milling" [Process 3] "Deburring"

Well my next job I may select "Waterjet Cutting" in [Process 5], so I need to be able to filter data from [Process 1-10] for "Waterjet Cutting"

There has to be an easy way to do this, right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


The best way to do this kind of thing in a relational database is to use a child / sub table (object) to contain all the processes - linked to the parent Job. In this way each job can contain any number of processes and you can monitor the progress of each step.

Feel free to come back to me if you need more...


Also, I want to point out I realize I can allow users to Filter the data, but his would be a length process to do each time because I would have to do the following:

[Process 1] contains "Watejet Cutting"


[Process 2] contains "Waterjet Cutting"


[Process 3] contains "Waterjet Cutting"

and so on up to [Process 10]