Improved and wider range for charts and reports (GUI)

Presenting the numbers is often just as important as the data itself. Our company use Knack as an efficiency-tool just as much as a database-tool. Easy and instant access to reports are very helpful indeed, but oftenI can’t find suitable charts to present the data from Knack.

I’d love to see a wider range of charts in Knack (gauges, funnels, GANNT, etc) and possibilities like eg. FushionCharts (FusionCharts Suite XT - Chart gallery with 150+ JavaScript charts | FusionCharts).

Any suggestions? Or could FusionCharts be integrated in Knack?

Another way to possibly get a similar result is a suggestion that I had, which would be adding a connector between Google Data Studio and Knack. I'm sure that integrating more options for visualization within Knack would be more user-friendly, but a connector might be a low-overhead way to give us lots of visualization options with less effort.