Google Data Studio Connector

Any chance we could see a Google Data Studio connector for Knack? The data visualization options within Knack are (understandably) limited. It would be nice to have a tool like Google Data Studio for real-time dashboard / visualizations of Knack data.

I have no idea how much work something like this would be. Google does offer some guidance:

I've not started yet (hence my checking in on this thread), but I'm going to give it a go here soon. My approach is similar to yours it sounds like. I'm going to have a Zapier connection populate a Google Sheets table with my information. Definitely clunky, but it's what I have available.

I would find this really useful too.

Donald, did you find a work-around for this?

I'm going to look at using Integromat (which does have connectors for both Knack and Google Data Studio) and see if I can make it work how I want it to.