Improve display options for Graphs

I'd like to see some improvements to the way graphs display.

1) Allow control to format the Y Axis (eg. set Min/Max, ability to edit Label)

2) Make bar columns line up with horizontal axis lines.

In the example below, the graph is used to chart student course results. A maximum score is 8, however the graph displays 10 on the Axis so students are confused thinking they can get a greater score. Also, in the example the bar column with a score of 8, doesn't line up with the 8 in the Y Axis.

It would also be nice to be able to have control over graph colours (ideally using formula), not essential but definitely could be helpful in creating better visual display.

Completely agree with everyone else on this.  Adding in better data visualization options would make Knack a much more impressive offering.

Something simple like box & whisker plots or scatter plots where you can visualize spread of data as well as means would be hugely valuable.

Agree completely. Charts and ability to manage them better in terms of simple things like labels for the verticies. Simple but instant improvement. Also ability to manage sort orders on rows and columns. Tried to do a chart by Day in a week or months. A nightmare :-)

One of the easy ways Knack could immediately become more attractive is general UX. Graphs are probably the no. 1 point you could quickly work on!