Use the Highcharts Editor or add more functions

Forum post: I see you use the Highcharts script for our charts.
It would be nice to be able to control these fully ourselves using the Highcharts Editor or to add more options such as showing the value as well as percentage on a Pie Chart or using the drill down function on the pie chart as below rathere than today showing a table to drill down:

Also a simple thing like having control over max values for each chart. When comparing two charts today the max values changes depending on what is shown, so comparison becomes problematic at best.

I'm looking for exactly the same thing, having more control on the charts!

That would be great!

This would be nice! Highcharts has so many other types of charts that would add so much to our knack apps. Also the possibility to edit colors would also be nice. Or even let us customize the code in order to do that.

Wow, nice

New to knack but same question — any development on this? Best ideas on how to integrate custom charting (better control and/or more types of charts). Open to coding them in javascript if needed, but just wondering where this is at.