How do I set a logged in User to see only records that apply to him

As a (employee), I want to [add my time] so that I can [see a timesheet of my customers and time spent].
Important I don’t see other employee records, user I am using is “Counselor”

Business goal: Have individual counselors log in, enter their session to particular customer, be able to only see an ongoing timesheet showing the customer they service and date they have serviced the customer.

As the builder, I have created table with Sessions and table with customers (each with multiple choice of counselors and client names. I have created pages with counselor login, counselor timesheet, and add new customer sheet.
When I login as a test counselor, I am seeing too much information (all the counselor names, and I’m not able to see a full timesheet for only myself.

Any suggestions on where the rules go for this : Pages or tables?
How about the calculations to get a total of my sessions for the month? on the page? using a count formula?

Thanks for any assistance

Hey Dale

Thanks for reaching out on the forums. Please pop us an email at with your app URL and our team can have a look at your setup here and see what is happening!

Thank you Ally,
the url is “tri” - my apps are The Rest Initiative -
I appreciate the help