User Activity (Analytic)

It would be nice to see each of my users time on the site, how many times they login, and if anyone is even logging in at all! I would love to see a metric showing how many entries they are making and where!

It would be nice to be able to track a new user's IP when they sign-up for a free trial account on our website.
We have some "Users" who try to sign-up, use our service, then just re-signup when their trial is over using fake information.

Would be a great addition

Yes, I agree! We would like to see which of our users has used our portal. 

We've tried the GA method although it doesn't work on third party/embedded apps which makes it essentially not useful.

At a bare minimum recording the last_login to a user account record is a feature the system should provide out of the box.

We setup a Segment integration (loops you in with over 250 integrations/apis) and a FullStory integration for recreating user sessions.  Able to send through unique user information.  Get monthly active users, new user data, current user data, session length, inactivity, frequency and duration of sessions, etc.

Known to work with embedded Knack apps.  unsure of how well it works with stand alone knack apps.


This isn't a solution for everyone, but if all you want to do is track changes to objects there is almost guide on how to do that.  

If, instead of just updating a field, you create a new record with all the relevant information, then you have a record of all the changes.

I agree and would like the features mentioned above.  My specific concern is around security and audit.  I'd like to be able to track/correlate user login, via my analytics tool, with logins to my other SAAS services.

Any feedback from the Knack Dev Team/Prod House on these requests (as in priority on your roadmap) would be appreciated.


Last login would be really helpful.

Can all the page views and time be captured with Google Analytics even though it's inside a login?

Also, it would be extremely helpful to track how many times a page was viewed!!! :)

Another thing this feature would accomplish is justifying the use of Knack to board members, CEOs, VP's, etc.  It provides a good metric to point to for the impact that Knack is bringing to an organization.

It would be helpful to find users who no longer access, and prevent ghost account/user from building up.  having it as part of User History would be useful.  

An audit trail is extremely important for a trusted system.  Seems like the form "after update" function could lend itself to a developer friendly way to update an audit table.

This would be nice. I've started using the google analytics work-around proposed by another user, I've only got 2 days worth of data, but it is providing some insight.



For a employee performance app this is useful information, yes to last login date, logins this "period", e.t.c.




An activity log would be very useful.

Agreed. last a login log is important

I agree with that and I would also like to see which data files/links they download that are available on our web app - specific to which user and what date/time these are accessed.