Tracking user logins

It would be useful to have a function whereby you can see how many times a user has used a particular login

Knack does have a developer network, and you can place post your job on there.

Again, being critical, I do not think Knack vets these developers much, so they are very much use at your risk.

Our site is, but if you're a small business, some workarounds aren't terrible. Just be cautious with them, because eventually they will become an issue if you continue to expand your system. Database hierarchies and Knack views in particular (which get tied to various database connections) are generally pretty unforgiving. Having to be told to rebuild your system is never something anyone wants to hear.

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I have to agree with John Good here, and defend those 'big developer bills'. I've seen enough Knack databases to know these kinds of workarounds always end up badly in the end. If your company is growing, so is your system. If you start with a foundation consisting of workarounds, building on top of it becomes impossible. You end up with a twisted, contorted set of objects and views. There are so many instances where clients do these workarounds, and many of them actually recommended by Knack support and their how-to documents.

Speaking to my own experience, I would recommend people pay a javascript developer the couple hundred bucks to program whatever it is you need. Do not muck up your system with extra connections, objects and views. It will work in the short run, but in the long run, you end up with a mess and an un-improvable system. I don't say this to defend my income, I say this because I honestly feel bad when I get clients asking for help and I see what other Knack developers have done to their systems- quick, short sighted solutions/hack jobs.

Anyways, I hope that helps anyone who comes across this thread, just something I saw I felt compelled to express about.


Hi T Dog

Sorry to rain on your parade :(.

The method above works (I have tried it) but has a flaw you should be aware off, I find that my users tend to bookmark different pages to login to so they don't always land on the default one that I give them i.e.

Also, after a while people realize they don't have to confirm their name to continue, so they don't bother.

I really would have liked this to work, of course that is unless I am missing something above?

Handy also if you could tell if a user was logged in and what IP address they used.

Yep me to, looking for a way to track users activity.

Would this work for you ?

Same. Looking for the option to log the date and time of when the user last logged into the system.

As well as being able to record the date and time of when a user logs in.

Agreed! This would be really, really helpful!