Hosting images on Google Drive

I would like to use images stored on Google Drive as the source for an image field. The permissions on the images have been set to unrestricted but I just get the broken icon instead of the image after importing a CSV with all the URLs in it. The format of the url I'm using is:

When I navigate to this address in an incognito window the image is displayed correctly bit it has been redirected to:*/14OkzuQ0eSgVyTeoE7AO77b_4tzerDvoT?e=view

This redirected url contains some query parameters which are unique per image so I can't just reformat all the urls to point directly at them.




Thanks, but you can only upload them one at a time that way and I have over 500 photos to add

Knack is using AWS as platform, you can create a table in your database and upload all your images. It is faster and secure that way.