Help with formula for Newbie

Hi there,

Again probably a really basic question. I am trialling Knack for a future accounting package for Australians, and have built a small test app for storing and retrieving receipts and

I have, to the best of my ability, followed the formulas and use connections directions, and have built this small object to use to count how many warranties are in my warranties data:

Somehow it is not connected correctly, is it? What am I missing?

I also have two related questions:

When I hover my mouse over the records in my warranties data, some cells highlight, and others don't - what is the difference?

And once I have created my count of warranties. how do I incorporate that into a page?

Sorry, real newbie questions



Hi Christopher,

Many thanks - that was a silly error I made - well spotted, thanks!


The field you have above is of type "Sum". You need to change it to type "Count" instead.