Help Text

On a page, when a form, detail, table, map etc are placed on a page, have a Rich Text Box that could be filled out and when there is content in it, have a question mark show up after the name, something like this (but styled better). When clicked on, a pop-up appears with the help text. This would be useful for many things like directions that you don't want taking up space on the page.

The Help Text could be an input field in the Options section

I would love to have this feature also. Additionally, a similar feature that would be "page level" help, and, when activated, would have a link in the upper right, maybe near Account Settings and Logout.

understand Greg. 

Umm.... That's exactly the reason I put this in as a feature request. I don't want to custom code every time I want to do this.


Hello Greg ,

This can be achieve using custom coding. This feature is not inbuilt in knack .


Sunny Singla