About the Feature Requests category

We want to know how Knack can work even better for you!

Is Knack missing a feature that would allow you to do more with your app? Let us know here. We’d love to hear your ideas especially in the following areas:

  • Live App Visual Customizations
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Integrations & Custom Code
  • Business Tools (PDFs, Emails)
  • Reporting
  • Automation / Rules (Pages, Forms, Equations)
  • Connections (Lookups)
  • Account Level Options (backups, activity logging, flexible record limits)
  • Data Management

Adding Feedback
First search for an existing topic. If you find one, vote for that topic, and then add a comment with some context as to why it would be useful to you. If you don’t see an existing topic, feel free to create a new one!

Review Process
To keep things efficient, not every post will be directly replied to, and new requests may be merged with existing ones. When necessary, the Knack team will join the conversation to request more context from you, or provide insight from our side.

Thanks for helping make Knack even better!

Up Next

we’re working on a round of updates including:

  • Options to resize view columns for pages
  • Global default field settings
  • Import design improvements
  • Live App design improvements

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