Front End notes so you know what each thing is doing!

It would be a great thing if it were possible to add notes to the pages which were not rendered on the front end but could be used by creators of knacks to remind what happens on things.

When you have a rule that is firing on a forn, and the page is client facing and you want to be reminded that when the form is submitted it does something that you might not be able to note anywhere else.

It would mean that you could code in the actions into front-end pages without users being able to see them, but which help you as a developer.

Hey @GSH

Great feature request! Right now, something like this can be achieved by using a rich text field and some Display Rules to hide the message for everyone who does not have the “developer” user role.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out if you need more clarification.

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Thanks, that’s really helpful!

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