Journal / comments field type

This is something I’ve wanted for ages, wondering if anyone else could benefit?

I’d like a kind of advanced paragraph-text field type. What I mean by that is a note-taking/comments field that updates automatically with a date/time stamp and the logged in user who entered it. We’d use it for keeping a rolling record of actions taken on a particular record, or it could be used to track comments of particular team members on particular ideas / projects. I guess it would look something like this:

Called John today and left voicemail - Graeme Williamson 12:34 on 12/09/15
Meeting arranged with John - Paul Graham 14:45 on 13/09/15
Met John and discussed his family situation - Paul Graham 15:45 on 19/09/15

For what I need to do for now - this works great!  Thanks!!!

I have a solution that works great for us - an "action log"

Say we have an object called "job book" where a customer order is entered with all associated details such as price, delivery, equipment required etc. 

I then have a connected object "Job Book Action Log" - upon submission of a new "job book" or "editing of "job book" when the "job book" is submitted this inserts a new connected record in the "job book action log" where the logged in user, time stamp are noted by using form rules. 

We then added a "purpose" field and depending on which function (edit or new record) was the reason for the inserted connected record it now logs a few reasons why from new record to equipment edited etc.

We then went when further by adding a field called "outstanding actions?" - using this Yes/No function you can count the number of "yes" and then display in a table how many "yes" to the connected job book - a red triangle is shown if there actions that need completing. 

I would like to throw my vote in as well, as I actually went looking for something like this today.  Until then, does anyone know if there is any way to use a Form Rule (Record Rule) to build that 'comments' field on each submission?  It appears that custom values wont take a text formula... any other ideas?  Thx

How is this not a part of Knack? Sorely missing, looking into Bubble due to this lack of functionality. Will take a while to put Bubble together, but it's the only logical solution for my team. This means all the work I've put into Knack is for a temporary solution which is too bad.

Something like this feature is really a core requirement to support teams.  Trello and Slack are great, but we need to attach comments and @mention colleagues directly against a specific record.  

For what it is worth, I think the core of this idea would also facilitate comments like on a blog post. I have written that system manually a bunch of times, and it's relatively predictable. Not sure how it fits as a field type, but I like the idea behind it a lot.