Allow adding notes about fields at the field level

As a Shared Builder, it would be helpful to have a comments/notes area added for each field in an object so that when I am explaining to a colleague how our app works, there are in-app cues for the significance of each field.

User Scenario:
My Knack apps have quickly grown in functionality over time but as a result the complexity and the need for documentation has also grown.

Many of my objects contain fields that are used in very specific and “creative” ways (text fields, equations, connections, field rules, etc) to get things done.

It would be very helpful to add notes about a field making it easy to remember the significance of a field and any special dependencies, triggers, etc.

Sometimes it's very hard to identify if I could edit an existing column to our current needs or if it's current state is needed in another place. Even to find out the nature of a value or to identify bugs, it would be a very helpful feature. As there is no feature to generate ERDs, adding notes to a column could help to track its original purpose.

Like Sam above I was just about to suggest this and here we are :)

The size of my apps have grown exponentially and to assist with Documentation (not to mention my memory), this would be extremely helpful.

Many times I have wanted to make a quick note about how I use a field and have not bothered because I would have to go to my documentation, find the section, write a note describing where the field was etc., when I get back to writing the program I would have forgotten what I was doing.

A BIG Yes Please

yes, please!

I agree as well

great idea, note to self: use as a last resort rather than a crutch-- utilzie best practice naming conventions first if possible.

A comment & note area for each page will be great too.